Spice Up Your Day With Something Delicious

Spice Up Your Day With Something Delicious

Enjoy high-quality halal food in Cranston, RI

When you smell classic Middle Eastern spices like cardamom and cumin, your stomach can't help grumbling. You can satisfy your craving at a top-notch halal restaurant that offers an extensive and delicious menu. El Laham Restaurant serves halal food for those in Cranston, RI that are craving authentic Syrian cuisine.

If you're unfamiliar with what halal means, don't worry. In addition to it being prepared a certain way, halal means that our meat is fresh and humanely sourced, which allows for a richer flavor. Visit our halal restaurant today to taste for yourself.

There's something on the menu for everyone

Whether you're trying halal food for the first time or you're a returning customer, there's always something flavorful in our kitchen. Our menu includes mouthwatering options for...

  • Lunch: shish kabob sandwiches | wings | falafel plates
  • Dinner: whole chickens | lamb kabsa | lamb chops
  • Smoothies: strawberry | mango | fresh-squeezed orange

Everything is made fresh to order and will leave you satisfied. Call 401-467-3790 now to ask about our late-night hours.